C is for Cake Shop – #AtoZChallenge

C is for Cake Shop – #AtoZChallenge

Kyle stopped walking in the middle of the hall. Vicky ran into his back. Other customers flowed around them without much extra thought.

“What did you stop for?” Vicky said, rubbing her nose and walking around to the front of Kyle.

“I suddenly want a cupcake.” He tapped his left fist into his right hand and nodded.

“Don’t you have to be doing something?”

Kyle laughed. “It can wait. Cupcakes first. Come, I’ll buy you one.”

“Is it anything like when you offered to buy me those chocolate covered snack cake things that I didn’t believe were the best things ever?”

Kyle smiled. “Maybe.”

Vicky crossed her arms. “No. I’m not doing that again. You’re on your own for that.”

“It was just a little fall.”

“It was five stories!” Vicky shook her head. “I’ll catch you later.” She turned and headed off into the crowd of people.

“It was just a little fall. Not even worth mentioning.” Kyle said sullenly to the empty air in front of him. He shrugged. It hadn’t that bad of a trip.

He turned around in a complete circle before deciding on a seemingly random direction and started off. In theory, he knew where the cake shop was. He hadn’t been there yet. One would think it would be with at the food court, but it was not. It took a little bit of finding, or look at one of the handy maps that stood at most intersections, provided it was still correct.

At the first intersection, he took a right. Shops lined both sides of the wide hallway. Some were staffed by autons, others were staffed by fellow employees. He waved to several he knew as he passed.

At the next intersection, he took a left. It was one department: Crystal Castor Shell Warehouse. He headed through the store as a shortcut. The shelves were lined with boxes of various sized glass and crystal shells used for Castors. He made a note to come back to check them out further.

Once out, he took another left. At the end of this hallway he found the cake shop.

“Kyle, hello!” Max said from behind the counter. “What brings you to this side?”

“A Raspberry Cinnamon cupcake, that’s what.” Kyle said as he came up to the counter.

“Sure. One moment.” Max went to the back of the store and came back several minutes later with a cupcake the size of a plate.

Kyle ate his cupcake at one of the tiny tables as he watched people mill around.

“It wasn’t that hard to get here.” Kyle said to himself aloud.

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