C is for Cake Shop

C is for Cake Shop

Kyle came to a dead stop in the middle of the hall on the third floor. Vicky ran into his back. Customers flowed around them without as much as a glance.

“What did you stop for?” Vicky said, rubbing her nose while walking around Kyle to look up at him.

“I decided I require a cake in a cup.” He tapped his left fist into his right hand and nodded.

“What about your errand?”

Kyle laughed. “It can wait. A cupped cake first. Come, I’ll buy you one.”

“Is it anything like the time when you offered to buy me those chocolate covered snack cake things that I didn’t believe were the best things ever?”

Kyle smiled. “Maybe.”

Vicky crossed her arms. “No, I’m not doing that again. But I do agree those were the best things ever, though.”

“It was just a little fall.”

Vicky threw her arms up in the air, “little? That was five stories! I could have died!”

“Hardly worth mentioning, so are you going to come or not?”

“No, and you should finish the job before you go off getting any cakes in cups.” Vicky grabbed his arm and pulled in the direction they originally had been going.

Kyle watched her slide against the floor as she tugged on his unmoving arm.

“Come on,” she said through gritted teeth and pulled.

Kyle grinned, “the shop is this way,” and turned towards the safety railing.

Vicky slide along the floor until she let go of his arm. “Nope, I’m staying on the ground this time. If you’re smart, you’ll finish your job first before gallivanting around.” Without waiting to see if he would listen, she stalked off into the crowd. “And it’s probably really hard to get to, too!” she called back before vanishing

“It will be fine,” he said.

Kyle turned around in a complete circle, then set off down another hallway. He wondered down one hallway and then other, up to the fourth floor and then down to the first floor. The food court did not have the cake shop. Several times he needed to check the handy floor map that sat at all the major intersections.

Even still, he found himself wondering through the market stalls that lined the arcades or even passing through several storefronts.

“I am pretty sure I am lost,” he said as he stopped in the fifth dead end.


Kyle jumped. “Are you going to help?”


Kyle sighed and turned around to head back out to the main hall. He checked the map one more time. He was almost sure the shop was moving around every time he looked at one of those.


Kyle had just found the shop on the map again. It had moved on him. “We don’t close for a few hours yet. I have time.”


Kyle checked the water clock that hung in one of the display areas of the arcade. Then he took off at a run. The shop was currently on the first floor, according to the map. He leaped over the safety railing and dropped the two stories to the ground floor. People scattered as he landed and continued to run down the arcade. First a left side hall, then a right and another right.

He dashed through Crystal Castor Warehouse. He made a mental note to come back and check this place out again when he had time. He slid to a stop in front of where the Cupped Cake Shop should have been. There was a sign.

‘We’ve moved. Please find us at our new location on the 5th floor, Section C, 588,’ it read.

Kyle rolled his eyes and began running towards the stairs. The first stairwell was closed for repairs. On the second floor, the stairs contained a people jam. He pushed a button for one of the lifts. It had been on the 5th floor. It began its slow descent to the fourth floor and stopped. He ran for the stairs.

At the top, Kyle took an immediate left, then a right, followed the hall past an open floor of Market stalls, and then another right and then left after a short jog. He pulled up as the shop came into view.

“Kyle! Hello!” Max waved from behind the counter, “we’re just about to close.”

“I am aware. Did you know you moved?”

“Oh, yes. I was told the shop was getting relocated this morning, don’t know why though, it seems to be out of the way.”

“I have a suspicion.”

Max shrugged, “Not the first time, people still found us though. What brings you here today before we close?”

“A Raspberry Cinnamon cake in a cup, that’s what,” Kyle leaned up on the counter, “and a large iced lemonade.”

“Sure. One moment.” Max went to the back of the store and came back several minutes later with a cake in a dish the size of a plate and a jug of lemonade and ice.

Kyle paid and sat at one of the tiny tables in front of the shop as he watched people saunter around as various other shops began closing for the evening.

“It wasn’t that hard to get here,” Kyle said to himself aloud and took another bite.

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