D is for Dinas the Destroyer – #AtoZChallenge

D is for Dinas the Destroyer – #AtoZChallenge

Vicky yawned. It was the start of her shift. She had just come through the front entrance and stopped. She stared hard at the backside of the hooded man standing up against the wall. He was cackling. She frowned.

“Excuse me sir, We don’t open for another 10 minutes. How did you get in here?” Vicky spoke up as she approached the figure. But not too closely. She also wondered if Avera could deal with this, except she was probably asleep in her tire pile. Coming up along side the him, she saw he was poking holes into the wall with his finger, like the walls were made out of Styrofoam.

“My name is….” The man started as he poked another hole into the wall, “Dinas….”

When he didn’t continue, Vicky prompted, “and what are you doing.”

“Destroying! I am Dinas the Destroyer!” Dinas cackled again as he punched several more holes into the wall. Vicky backed up out of arms length.

“Dinas, I can’t have you wrecking the building.”

He whirled on her, “I am Dinas!”

“I don’t care if you were Crystal herself hell bent on razing this place.” Vicky paused and thought about it. “No, I take that back, I’d probably let her.” She felt a slight uncomfortable shift of the floor beneath her.

“Mortal FOOL! You dare speak her name!” The man took a step towards her as flashes of blue lightening appeared at his hands.

“I haven’t been smote yet, that’s for sure.” Vicky replied, dancing back several more steps towards the far wall.

The ground shook and shattered as blue patterns flashed and radiated out from the man. The blue light rolled up walls, followed by more shattering. A large square block shifted above Dinas.

“No, I got this, just wait.” Vicky said loudly. The block shifted again. “I said no.” The block receded back into the ceiling.

“You cannot comprehend my powers, little girl. You do not have this.” He advanced on her, summoning more lightning. “I will destroy you!” He threw out his arms and released the lightning. It shot across the hallway and hit Vicky as she leaned forward with her arms up in front of her.

“Ow! Owowowowow!” Vicky collapsed into a twitching pile of limbs face down as the blue and faint green arcs of lightning danced over her body.

Dinas laughed manically as he stepped up towards her. “You should have not crossed me girl, but I shall reanimate you as my minion.” He reached down to roll her head to one side. She stared back up at him with a wide grin. He leapt back. “Impossible!”

“I love it when you guys forget.” Vicky launched the lightning back at Dinas, most of in her tainted faint green. It only rolled off of him, shattering the storefront windows and doors behind him. “Unfortunately,” she stood back and dusted herself off, “I’m not anywhere remotely close as strong as you are. So it has no effect on you.”

“Are you one of us?!”

Vicky laughed. “No, and I hope I never am.” She pulled out a small single barreled pistol. There was a glowing red charge in its chamber. “Now, this is a Winters Special. Charged, thanks to you., I can’t do that on my own.” She waited as she watched the man’s eye’s grow wide. Vicky’s smile grew wider. “I see you are familiar with this model.”

“How do you have such a relic?”

“There’s a department on the fourth floor in section B that sells them. Pricey. Very Pricey. But sooo worth it. You are welcome to browse. Just no destroying property.” Vicky beamed and drew a bead on him.
Dinas backed up towards the door.

“Know this, girl! You will regret the day you have crossed Dinas the Destroyer! You have made a powerful enemy!” Then, the man turned and and exploded entire front entrance sending rubble dust and glass shards everywhere.

Vicky coughed and covered her face. When enough dust settled, Dinas was gone.

“This day is going to suck.” Vicky said and headed off to clock in.

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