D is for Dinas the Destroyer – #AtoZChallenge

D is for Dinas the Destroyer – #AtoZChallenge

Vicky yawned as she entered through the employee entrance off to the side of the main lobby. She came to a stop and frowned. Across the entrance, a man in a black cloak and deep cowl stood staring at the wall with his back to her. His cackles echoed off the walls.

Vicky bit her lip. She realized that she was going to have to deal with this.

“Excuse me, Sir, we don’t open for another 10 minutes. How did you get in here?” Vicky spoke up as she approached the figure. She stood a good ten feet off to the man’s side out of arms and bladed reach. She watched him poke holes into the wall with his finger, as though the wall had been made out of Styrofoam. There was a shower of bright pink sparks each time he created another hole in the wall.

Now that she could see what he was doing, Vicky decided this was a job for Avera. Except that girl was probably asleep on her tire pile.

“My name is….” The man started as he poked a new hole into the wall with a flourish of thin knitted pink sparks, “Dinas….”

“…and what are you doing?” Vicky prompted after he didn’t continue.

“Destroying!” He threw his arms up in the air, letting his cloak billow out around him and laughed. “I am Dinas the Destroyer!” He cackled again as he punched several more holes into the wall. Vicky backed out of melee range and reached for her holster, flipping a switch on the pistol. It began to charge.

“Mr. Destroyer, I can’t have you wrecking the building. I need to you leave immediately or I will be required to use force.”

He whirled on her, “You will call me Dinas and I will destroy this mockery of nature! You cannot stop me!”

“I don’t care if you were Crystal herself hell-bent on razing this place.” Vicky paused to think about that. “No, I take that back, I’d probably let her.” The floor gave a small uncomfortable buckle under her feet at her statement.

“Penalty for heathens such as yourself speaking the great flower’s name is death!” He whirled around and advanced on Vicky

“I’m pretty sure she likes me.” Dinas grew more enraged at that statement. “And I have not been smote yet, that’s for sure,” Vicky said as she maneuvered back across the lobby towards the far wall. She dodged his glare of death.

“Prepare yourself to be destroyed, Heathen,” the man shouted at Vicky as bright pink lightning crackled off of his fingertips.

“That’s Ms. Green to you.” A small almost barely detectable field of green appeared in front of Vicky. Sweat began to bead up on her forehead.

The man stopped and then cackled madly at her, “You poor girl, is that the best you can manage? You will regret facing me.”

A large square of ceiling shifted directly above Dinas the Destroyer.

“No, I got this, just wait,” Vicky said calmly. The block wiggled some more. “I said no.” The block receded into the ceiling and vanished.

“You do not ‘got this,’ little girl. You cannot comprehend my abilities, and you are vastly outmatched. You shall be destroyed by me this day!” Dinas threw out his arms, thin pink lines of lightning crackled from his fingertips. He used a purl stitch in his patterns as the bolts came hurtling towards her, she observed.

Vicky braced herself, arms in front as the pink lightning ripped up the floor between them, shattering the tiles into dust. The wave electricity smashed into her and threw her against back against the wall. The lightning rolled up the walls, destroying the relief off the walls down to their bare metal superstructure.

Vicky’s hair stood out on end, little bolts of green static, discharging everywhere. She groaned and collapsed into a twitching pile of limbs face down onto the floor.

Dinas laughed manically as he loomed over her body. “You should not have crossed me, girl. But you show potential, so I shall reanimate you as my minion.” He reached down to roll her over so she could watch him deliver the killing blow. She stared back up at him with a wide, manic grin. He recoiled back into an offensive stance,  “Impossible!”

“I love it when you guys forget that you are not the only ones who can use Thread.” Vicky launched the lightning back at Dinas, most now tainted with her green. It split around him and slammed into the Halo and Wings storefront behind him. The glass windows exploded and slagged the metal security curtain. “Woo, that is a rush! I see why this is so much fun now.” Vicky smile grew even more maniacal.

“How? How strong are you? What style of weaving do you use? ”

Vicky laughed as more static discharged from her. “Unfortunately,” she stood up shakily and dusted her dress off, “I’ll never as be as strong as you are, Mr. Destroyer. And I use my own style.” She pulled out a small double barreled pistol from the holster on her hip. Two dots of glowing red light emanated from both barrels. “Now, this is a Winters Special, charged, thanks to you. It’s very rare I get to use it, I can’t fill the reservoir myself, you see.” She tapped the gauge and drew a bead on Dinas, his eyes growing wide in horror.  “I see you are familiar with this model. Please give me a reason to use it.” Vicky’s smile grew impossibly wider.

“You would bring ruin to us both? Why do you have such a relic?” Dinas shrank back further away from her.

“Winter Goods, on the fourth floor in section B sells them. Pricey. Very Pricey. But so very worth it. You are welcome to browse. Provided,” She kept the pistol sighted on him as he continued to move away, “you don’t wreck anything else.”

Dinas backed up towards the remains of one of the lobby doors.

“Know this, girl! You will regret the day you have crossed Dinas the Destroyer! You have made a powerful enemy!” Dinas turned his back towards her. She had just enough time to duck for cover as an entire ball of pink purl weaved lightning and fire surrounded him and exploded. When enough of the dust had settled, very little of the lobby was not rubble and Dinas the Destroyer had vanished.

“Today day is going to suck,” Vicky picked herself off the ground a second time and headed off to clock in.

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