G is for Graveyard Shift – #AtoZChallenge

G is for Graveyard Shift – #AtoZChallenge

It was dark in the under ground reinforced security bunker. Kyle yawned. It was also three am. He took another bite of his cupcake. In front of him sat a bank of rotatory monitors. The whirring of the platters gave the entire room a decently loud hum to it.   In the flashing snapshots, it gave him a mostly still life view of MacSweeny’s at a time most people never saw it. Empty.

It was really creepy Kyle decided. Every other minute or so, he would catch something out of the corner of his eye on one of the monitors he wasn’t looking at. But when he went to inspect that monitor, there would be nothing that moved. And while he was looking at that one, it would happen on a different monitor. He wanted to just write it up as the disks rotating out of sync, but yet, at the same time, things did move.

Kyle spent an hour watching one monitor that had been pointed at one of the lower level stacks. It was just a room full of shelves and boxes. Every couple of minutes, probably when he blinked, a box would appear or disappear on the shelves. Over the course of that hour, the shelves slowly emptied. While unnerving, he wondered what was actually going on. He was sure there were other workers still in the building doing the restocking, he had yet to see anyone on the monitors since the beginning of his shift.

He had been told that all the security feeds had been run through a massive unused transactional engine and that was the cause for any problems he would see in the video.

Alarms, on the other hand, like the one that was currently blinking and buzzing where meant to be paid attention to. It was believed that they were not run through the central engine, but no one actually knew for certain. Regardless, those needed to be paid attention to. They were always right.

Kyle’s attention shifted to the blinking crystal tube that sat below a number on the very large panel of lights, switches and numbers. Alarm 890. He went over to the shelving system and gave it a spin until he found the platter for 89-b. Not all of the security cameras could be viewed all at once in this room. He pulled out the platter for the monitor that showed the stacks and slipped in 89-b. It spun up to speed and he saw that he was looking at a section of the parking lot.

A trench had appeared in the parking lot, it made a straight line from the outer defense wall that surrounded MacSweeny’s towards the building itself. As he watched, another section of the parking lot collapsed in on itself, extending the trench another few feet. Something was coming. Kyle smiled as he switched off the alarm and put on his jacket. This was something he could deal with.


The night air was clear, crisp and cold. A fine autumn night. The trench was easy enough to spot under the starlight sky. Kyle stepped up to the front of the collapsed trench. Grinding rock and dirt sounds seeped up through the parking lot to his ears. He moved about twenty feet in front of the trench and began to dig with the shovel he had brought. By the time he had a hole large enough, the trench had advanced to his hole. The dirt collapsed in, revealing a metal surface that moved by at a snails pace.

“Found you.” Kyle said as he reached down and gave the digging machine a good solid knock. The metal dented under his knuckles.

A moment passed and then the churning earth came to a stop. There was a hiss of muffled steam from somewhere below and the machine fell into a waiting silence.

“Yes? Hello? Who’s there?” A voice answered from below.

“This is Kyle. Who is this?” Kyle answered.

“I am Dr. Tricloids! Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

Kyle frowned. “Nope, sorry. I’m afraid not.”

“Pity, if you had been a fan, I could spare you.”

Kyle found himself about 50 feet in the air in the next moment, along with a section of the parking lot, and a large amount of dirt and rubble. At the top of the arc, he wondered why he hadn’t heard any noise or felt any build up to launch this much mass into their air. Not that it really mattered, he was on his way back down again.

The section of dirt, parking lot and Kyle smashed back into ground, flattening out like a pancake. Kyle grunted as he threw one of the light poles off of him.

A metal tube extruded from the ground, transforming into a Mechanoid.

“I’m surprised you survived that, boy.” Dr. Tricloids voice echoed through the empty parking lot.

Kyle got up and dusted himself off. “I’ve had worse.” He turned his attention to the mech, “as for you, you are trespassing.”

“I will go where I want and when I want. There is nothing that can stop me.” Dr. Tricloids shouted.

“Then I’ll just have to stop you.” Kyle replied and ran straight towards the machine. Dr. Tricloids responded by running towards Kyle. They met at the middle. Metal fist against Kyle’s fist. The robot’s fist shattered, but sent Kyle into the security wall on the far side of the parking lot. He stumbled out.

The robot, trailing cables from the hole, followed after him. Kyle ducked and kicked out a leg before smashing it. With the mech’s good arm, it tossed Kyle high into the air. Then tried to get out of the way as Kyle rocketed back down in a straight punch to the machine, severing its connection from the underground.

The mechanoid shut down, dispelling Dr. Tricloids. He got to his feet and turned and faced Kyle. “Well now, I’ll say, it’s not every day I get my inventions smashed you like that. I like you. Are you one of them?”

Kyle stopped. “No, I’m just really good at using what I have.”

“Hrmmm.” The doctor nodded his head, “Yes, I could see that working, but probably should run some tests on you to be sure.”

“You’re still trespassing.”

“Right, right. Well I will need to send the bill to who ever employs you. I had a delivery for MacSweeny’s tonight. But now that I cannot deliver, I will let the full wrath of MacSweeny’s fall on you instead. I expected it would take all night to get there and you have set me back considerably.”

“Really? Do you have your paper work?” Kyle stepped over to him.

“Of course I do. I’m not that foolish.” Dr. Tricloids produced a folder from one of his pockets and handed it over to Kyle to inspect.

Kyle read over the documents and handed them back to the man. “Normally, when people come with a delivery to MacSweeny’s, they come to the delivery docks, not through the parking lot looking like a thief in the night.” He also pulled out his badge and handed it to him, showing that he did work for the Market.

“Goodness! What a horrible mistake! I thought I had hours yet to go! Oh dear.” His face paled as he looked back along the havoc he caused in the parking lot.

“Don’t worry to much. You weren’t actually trying to break in, so everything will be alright. Come, I’ll show you were to get processed and then we can see about cleaning up this mess.”

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