I is for Inquisitor – #AtoZChallenge

I is for Inquisitor – #AtoZChallenge

Vicky sat frowning in the bare room. It contained only a table, and two chairs and one stupidly bright light. This was not how she wanted her day to go, being called into HR. Granted, none of her days ever went as expected. So it was all entirely expected that this was how today was going to go.

A man slid silently into the room, she almost didn’t notice him do it. Almost. Had he used the door properly, she was sure she wouldn’t have. There was a fine jade colored mist around him that faded away quickly as he sat down in the chair opposite her. His gray cloak billowed around him like fog.

Vicky slide her chair further away from him on instinct. She scooted it forward again and then put her elbows on the table, resting her head in her hands. More to keep her from visibly shaking.

“Employee #56858, do you know why we’ve summoned you today?”

“Does it have anything to with the missing shop, Thread Containment and Faraday Cages? Because I had nothing to do with it.” Vicky said as calmly as possible.

The man tilted his head and stared at her with a blank expression.

“Nothing.” Vicky emphasized. She tried to meet his gaze but had to look away.


Vicky squirmed in her seat.

“Because according to all reports, you were in the middle of it. Including several security feeds.” He pulled out a stack of papers, “including thread fire traced to your guns.”

Vicky bit her lip and sank into the seat.

“Do you still say you had nothing to do with it.”

Vicky nodded slowly.

The man leaned forward. “I believe you are lying to me. You know what the penalties are.”

Vicky wilted further into her chair.


The man leaned back into his chair. “Alright, I believe you, Ms. Green.” he said, shuffling his papers into his satchel. “But we’ll be keeping a close eye on you.” He stood up and left the room without further comment or acknowledgment.

Vicky blinked. “What… who was that?”

There was only silence.

“Uhh? Hello?” Vicky got up and looked around the room. “Okay? I’m going now?”

Vicky left the room, her mind a mess of confused thoughts and fading panic.

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