M is for Monster Truck – #AtoZChallenge

M is for Monster Truck – #AtoZChallenge

“Kyle! What are you doing?!” Avera shouted over the roar of the V16 double monster truck engine. She had the petal all the way down against the floor and they were still loosing ground. The entire truck bounced wildly as it crunched its way over the vehicles in the parking lot outside of MacSweeny’s. Flames shot out of the exhausts straight onto the cars directly below the engine. She pulled a sharp left, the entire body lifted up on two enormous wheels as they rounded the turn. Kyle was thrown back into his seat as they lurched forward when the tires bit back into the ground at their insane speed.

“Taking over, you aren’t allowed to drive!” Kyle grabbed the steering wheel from Avera and pulled her out of the drivers seat as he slid into it.

“I told you,” Vicky shouted from the back seat with a scowl.

“I was here first! I called dibs!”

“That’s not how it works!” Vicky finished assembling the 52mm Springer Blast-lock despite every attempt the truck to throw her out of the back seat.

“Is that for me?” Avera twisted around in the seat and began crawling into the back seat with Vicky.

“No. Use your own.”

Kyle gunned the engine on the straight way through the parking lot and lurched around one of the outcropping buildings. “Almost there.”

“Eat the bumper, Kyle!” Coming into view in front of them was a slightly smaller monster truck that continually stayed ahead of them and just out of decent range. They had already lapped the entire complex twice. It has hard enough to keep them from gaining enough speed.

“Don’t let them take off.”

“I know!”

After the alarms sounded, the shock walls had risen up to protect everything, That also meant the truck was trapped. All the costumers had been evacuated to the bunkers. Ahead, the truck slammed on its brakes again, sliding through a crazy fishtail. Before it finished sliding, it had spun back up in reverse until it was coming straight back at them.

“Evade! Evade!” Vicky shouted.

“Hit it! Take it out!” Avera shouted.

Kyle slammed on the brakes and swerved, the entire truck rolling once until it landed back up right.

Avera leaned out the window, glowing yellow until a bright fireball exploded next to the other other monster truck. Several cars went up in flames, along with part of the monster truck. A crater larger then the truck itself appeared in the ground. Its engine roared into a scream and took off again.

The shock wave came moments later and slammed into their own monster machine. The truck scraped along the parking lot, skittering through more cars before it slammed into the side of the building. The entire wall crumbled and collapsed, showering the monster truck in brick, rebar and dust.

“I missed!” Avera hissed with a slump, panting.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill us, not it.” Vicky said once she shook the daze out of her head.

“She is trying, she’s just a bad shot,” Kyle said

“Let me,” Vicky said leaning up through the front seats as she put the barrel through the web strap mesh that made up the windshield.

Kyle put the engine back into gear and gunned the engine. The truck fishtailed as Vicky took the shot, the crack of the rifle drowned by the roar of the engine.

A black ball of light appeared on the ground in front of the left tire of the other truck before expanding to a diameter of 15 feet. It swirled iridescent colors before vanishing, leaving a gaping hole in the parking lot, the water pipes and anything else that had been unlucky enough to get hit.

“You missed! And used a castor five!”

“I blame Kyle. What else should I use?”

“That’s fine, hold on!” Kyle banked the truck through a turn, loosing ground to the monster in front of them.

The escapee roared its engines as fire pelted the ground below it, splashing out along its sides and fanning back up into a wall of fire that surrounded it. It leaned back and leapt high into the air, it’s front tires slamming into the wall and then drove up the side of the building.

“It can do that? Why can it do that?! Can we do that?!” Avera crawled on top of Vicky to get a better view out the front windshield.

“Get off me,” Vicky shoved Avera off her to find a castor 8 in her hand. She stared at Avera who fell in a heap in the back seat. “Really?”

Avera smiled. Vicky shuttered.

“Here we go,” Kyle announced as the cab tilted to a crazy angle and then hit the wall with all four tires and chased after the other truck onto the roof of MacSweeny’s.

As they bounced to a stop on the roof of the building, the other truck slammed into them head on. Their truck shot off the roof, tumbling backwards through the air in a slow arc towards the ground. The truck bounced, crushing in the roof. It flipped as it hit a parking barrier and landed on its side before smashing into one of the perimeter shock walls.

The second truck had also fallen from the roof but had managed to bounce on its tires several times. It slide to a stop and sputtered out.
Avera kicked off the door and swung herself up and out of the smashed truck. She reached down with her good arm and pulled an extremely dazed and bleeding Vicky up and set her down. Kyle crawled out of the windshield and laid on the ground to catch his breath.

“Ow.” Kyle said. “Are you two all right?”

“I am.” Avera said.

“Did you know that… that…” Vicky slurred. “Crystal will get it. Crystal. She’ll… get it.” She stared through Avera unfocused, “what’s happening?”

“She’s not fine. Get her down from there.”

“I can’t. My arm isn’t working.”

“Isn’t working?”


Kyle climbed up the side of the truck and took one look at Avera. “That’s because your arm is broke.”

“I was wondering why it hurt.”

The other truck rumbled back to life.

“Great! Vicky can’t shoot and you can’t punch it and .. I can still shoot it!” Avera leaned down and picked up the Springer with her good arm.

Before Kyle could stop her, Avera held the long weapon outstretched in one hand and fired.

The world grew dark around the fist sized beam of eye searing speckled white light as it burned their eyes. The white bar of light danced wildly around as Avera’s arm shook, neatly slicing through parking lot, shock wall and even the building. Gouts of fire quickly followed behind in the beams wake. Only part one tire exploded into fire. The whole shot took an eternity to unfold in under a second.

Wheel on fire, the monster truck spun around and took off through the now gaping hole in the shock wall and was gone.

Avera dropped the gun. “I missed.”

“That’s not even remotely close to a one handed weapon, Avera. What in the world made you think you could fire that thing one handed and not miss?”

“It was getting away!” Avera said hotly.

“You gave it a way out is what you did.”

“It t t’s …fine.”

“Lets get you to the infirmary, Vick.” Kyle started to pick up the girl and stopped, “you too, that arms needs to be looked at.”

“I’m fine.”
“No you’re not. You’re using the last of your Thread to stay standing.”

“I am…” Avera’s eyes rolled up and she collapsed into a heap.

Kyle sighed. “That would have been helpful a minute ago.” He slung Avera’s limp form over his shoulder into a fireman’s carry and then cradled Vicky in his arms. The parking lot appeared to double the distance back to the Market. He began to walk as sirens continued to blare and rescue teams appeared.



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