N is for Nautical Entrepreneur – #AtoZChallenge

N is for Nautical Entrepreneur – #AtoZChallenge

Vicky watched the young man dressed all in black. He seemed normal, nothing about him set her on edge like some of the customers. As she watched him, she noticed he moved with a fluid grace that a normal person would not have. And that made her suspicious. He also kept averting his gaze, so she knew he knew they were watching each other.

So far, he hadn’t actually done anything that she could kick him out of the store for yet. He just continued his slow walk up and down each isle, inspecting item after item on each shelf as though it was some piece of long lost treasure.

While she rang up another customer, he dashed out of the store, a box of Grade A Titanium Thread Injectors.

“Stop!” Vicky hit the alarm as she leapt over the counter to give chase. The cashiers stand armed itself and the store went into lock down mode.

“Why would I do that?” He called back over his shoulder towards her.

“So I can stop you, you thief!” Vicky chased after him out into the open corridor.

He flipped around and ran backwards so he could face her. “Well, I admit, I wouldn’t mind being caught by you,” he winked at her, “you have a lovely selection of firearms I’m sure we could spend hours talking over.”

“Flattery won’t save you,” Vicky blushed anyway.

“No, I’m sure it won’t today, but I have a previous engagement planned with the frigate Slipstream later today that I simply cannot miss.”


“My name is Dagon and I prefer the term Nautical Entrepreneur, thank you very much.” Dagon spun around and took off just as Vicky had caught up to him.

“I must be off, Ms. Green, but I’ll come back and visit you again.” Dagon smiled sweetly at her as he dropped into a slide, slipped between the safety railing and dropped off over the side of the balcony.

Vicky caught herself against the safety railing. She upholstered her Winters Special and drew a bead on him, but he landed and ducked into the crowed. Vicky glowered.

“Kyle!” Vicky waved to get his attention. “Stop him! He’s a pirate!” She pointed towards Dagon running off two floors below her.

Kyle waved back up to Vicky and then ran off after Dagon.

“Stop, pirate!” Kyle called out.

“Sorry, not my type,” Dagon yelled over his shoulder and sped up to leap over the safety railing to the floor below.

Kyle followed without hesitation, landing hard into a run.

Dagon skipped around a left turn and took off down the side hallway. He came to a stop up against a dead end. He stared at it as Kyle came up behind him. “I don’t remember this dead end being here. Has it always been here?”

“It’s been here long enough,” Kyle said, blocking off the only escape. “Give up.”

“Hrmmm,” Dagon tapped his chin thoughtfully, “nah. I don’t think so.” In one swift motion he shot a hole through a grate over an air vent and dove inside. “See yaaaaaa,” he cackled as he slide further along down the narrow vent.

“You won’t get away that easy!” Kyle yellowed into the vent, he wasn’t small enough to want to attempt that.

Dagon came to a rest somewhere in the walls or floor. He wasn’t entirely sure as he never had gotten a chance to study any maps of the duct work before. It was rather dark, spots of light came from far off places. He pulled out a sphere and tried to light it up. It refused to take a charge. “I’m pretty sure I checked this before I left,” he muttered to himself.

“Here, let me help,” a female voice said. The small metal duct flashed yellow, bright compared to the darkness. The sphere took the charge and glowed a soft red.

“Thanks,” Dagon turned to the voice, “That was very kind of youuuuu……” His voice dropped off as he recognized who was helping him.

“Hi!” Avera said cheerily. She was laying down on her stomach and propped up with her elbows. Her legs swung in the air. “You seem to be all kinds of trouble, want to go exploring? It’ll be fun!” Avera smiled.

Dagon felt his blood draining. “Sorry, but I already have a date this afternoon so nope!”

“But you can’t leave you just got here.”

“Yes I can.”


“Watch.” Dagon pulled out a crystal shell and smashed it into the space between them. The entire shaft instantly filled with ice. Moments later Dagon shook the ice off his cloak with a blast of heat.

“I do hope you understand, Ms. Villi, It’s not you, I just can’t commit, you see. No, I understand, it’s quite alright, I’ve broken your fragile heart, I give you my most sincere apology. But trust me, it’s for the better of us both that you go on with out me, my dear. I’m sure we’ll meet again some day, but until that day happens, hopefully never, please try to forget me.” Dagon had finished setting up his Estervan and climbed into the harness.

“It’s been a lovely chat, Ms. Villi, but I must be off,” he said to the block of ice that was Avera.

With a blast of steam he rattled up through the floors until he hit a vent on the room and smashed through it. A moment later he ran towards his ship moored a short distance away. It was a frigate sized vessel with the name ‘Lighting Rider’ painted on its bow. “Cast off, men!” he called out to his ship. A handful of men ran about the ship cutting the lines.

“Stop right there, Pirate!” Vicky burst out through one of the doorways, gun ready.

“Sorry, love, we can have a nice date another time, and it’s nautical entrepreneur.” Dagon winked at her as he grabbed a line that sent him swinging far out over the parking lot as the ship took the the air and gathered speed.

Vicky fired. The glowing green sphere of light smashed into the silk screen around the ship and Dagon. The silk screen rippled out and dissipated the thread in a wave of green that washed around the entire ship. Vicky shouted noises.

Avera came out of the same vent that Dagon had used. She was soaked and still had ice clinging to her clothes. “Did we get him?”


Kyle appeared and saw the ship retreating into the distance. “Weird, normally the automated systems would have shot that out of the sky a long time ago.”


“Well that explains a lot.” Kyle said as Vicky banged her head against the door.

“He seemed nice.” Avera said nodding her head.

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