W is for Welcome! – #AtoZChallenge

W is for Welcome! – #AtoZChallenge

Are you tired of having to scour town after town from the countryside as you look for that that final piece for to build your storm walker, portal containment unit or other device of world ending properties?

Do you spend hours searching your local Markets for that ingredient you absolutely require for your stew, dinner or alchemy potion or trap?

Have you ever spent an entire week focusing your Thread for Castor shells only to realize you were missing a sealing cap or activator for your shells? And the one place that sells them was closed?
Are you just tired of going to the same markets week after week where nothing changes and there is no excitement or danger to your trips?

Do you find yourself constantly feeling paranoid and watching over your shoulder for that one Hero or Constable who’s sworn to capture you no matter what when you are out shopping at your Markets?

Have you ever thought to yourself, that your Market just doesn’t cater to your needs because it is so small and lacking?

Greetings, I would like to introduce myself, I am Fredrick MacSweeny. Perhaps you’ve heard of me and my exploits. If not, you are forgiven for living under a rock with no access to news or ability to see the sky turn neon pink every last Fensday of the month. You won’t shut me down that easily, Vicktor!”

I would like to formally invite you all to the grand opening of ‘MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market!’ I have painstakingly built this Market at the base of the Lonely Mountains where no one could observe my construction or put a stop to me until it was too late.

Here you can find every conceivable thing you could ever need to power your exotic weapons, clankers, death bots, and castor guns.

We cater to everyone here at MacSweeny’s, you can find local produce from all around Sari for all of your food requirements. You can buy any an all household items from our plethora of shops and stalls.

If we do not have the item, we will find it for you.

Over eight stories above ground of shops, stalls, departments and booths that will leave you wondering for days on end should you choose to sight see everything.

We even have entertainment for the kids! Water slides, a ball pit, arcade and food courts! There are plenty of shops to keep the young ones occupied while you buy that last part for your death ray.

For your more adventurous types, the Market is powered by a state of the art Transactional Engine that can compute a unique experience full of peril and dangers as you shop, fight and defend your way through the Market.

Last but certainly not least, we have the ability to re-arrange the entire market so that every time you come it will be a new and fresh experience so you will never get bored!

I’m Fredrick MacSweeny and I hope to see you all at our grand opening of MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market in two weeks time… or else.

Are we done here? We’re done here. Turn off the sky writer system. Yes right now, any longer and nature cannot reco….

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