Y is for Yesterday – #AtoZChallenge

Y is for Yesterday – #AtoZChallenge

Avera startled herself awake and into a sitting position. Her heart thumped in her chest as she gasped for air. Her room was still dark enough that she could only make out a small strip of light from under the door. After calming back down, she felt around for a tire. There were none in reach. She reached for the light switch, only to discover it wasn’t where it should have been.

Extending her hands, she focused until they glowed enough to let her see. This isn’t my room at all, she thought to herself. The glow increased until she could see most of the room in her dim light and she felt a large headache coming on. There weren’t any tires in the room. Nothing else was recognizable to her either.

She tried to remember what had happened last night. Her mind drew a blank. A frown formed on her face. Nor could she remember what happened the previous evening, or even in the afternoon.
“I’ve been kidnapped and drugged,” she said to the empty room. “But who would want to kidnap me?” Her mouth felt like cotton, it could have been days since she had had a drink last.

Avera wondered around the room. It was almost completely empty. There were shelving units but they were all bare. A few empty crates in one corner, smashed. The floor was bare and the room was of normal height, so she hadn’t fallen into an endless pit and reached the bottom. She felt a wave of relief at that.

The headache grew as she found a light switch and gave it a flick. The room lite up in white light. Now she could check the room in earnest.

The room contained no invisible treasure chests. No diabolical traps in the floor. No infinity mirrors. No false walls, neck high invisible wire, nor any exposed rusty edges, sharp points or even bare wires to get electrocuted on.

Avera stood in the center of the room, perplexed. It stood to reason that the treasure chests had successfully had kidnapped her this time. But it bore none of their trademark torture rooms. It must be some kind of new torture, she decided. Now if she could only remember what happened the day prior.

But first, she had to escape. She drew focus to create a blasting weave at the door. Her head spiked with pain and yelped while collapsing to the floor. Her eyes grew wide. They had done something to her! Her Thread, she couldn’t use it! Panic rose in her throat and she beat it back down.

Staggering back to her feet, she felt at her sides and found she had been disarmed as well. Twice now she had been foiled in her attempt to escape. She stared at the unmovable door. Surely there had to be something in the room she could use to ram through it.

Her attention returned the room for anything that could be used against the door.

A noise outside the room caught her attention, and she climbed up onto the highest shelf available. The sound turned into footsteps. Her guards returning. She would use this to her advantage.

“Looks like the right spot,” the one said.

“More promising then the last hour, that’s for sure,” a second answered.

The two voices reduced themselves to murmuring that Avera couldn’t hear.

Two guards. It would be a tough fight without her Thread or weapons, but she was pretty sure she had the element of surprise. It didn’t sound like they expected her to have woken up from whatever they had given her.

The handle twisted and the door swung open.

One figure jumped in on the offense. The second followed close behind, covering the firsts back.

It was now or never, Avera told herself. She leapt from her hiding spot on the top shelf towards the second smaller figure.

“DEATH FROM ABOVE!” Avera cried out as she crashed into the second person. There was a scream and they both crashed into the ground. Avera got on hit in and rolled off the person towards the door.

“Sweet Holy Crystal,” Vicky shouted.

“You’ll never get me alive, Treasure Chests! You made a foolish mistake unlocking my prison door!” Avera rolled out of the room and slammed the door shut. She made it past the first obstacle!

Avera surveyed the hallway. It was a long empty hall way that stretched on in either direction. She checked the clean concrete flooring. There were three sets of foot prints, the guards and hers.

Judging by her previous set of tracks, she had put up a good fight when they had thrown her in there. She smiled.

The door swung open and Kyle flew out of the room, crashing into Avera pinning her against the wall.

“Fiends!” She tried to pulled Kyle’s arm away from her. “I trapped you in there!”

“The lock on the door is broke. It swings freely, Avera,” Vicky said. “Now would you calm down? We’ve been trying to find you since…”

“I fought you off once before, I can do it again!” She slipped free of Kyle’s grip and tore off down the hallway.

There was a loud boom and a lance of pain shot through her leg as she fell towards the ground. Then her entire leg went numb and spread out towards the rest of her limbs.

Vicky came into view then checked Avera over.

“First my memories and then my body, you monsters. I won’t ever submit to you!” Avera spat, unable to move.

Vicky put her head into her her hands and pulled on her face. “Kyle, I will blame you forever.”

“I will bear that responsibility.”

“She’s immobilized, lets take her back.”

Kyle picked up Avera and placed her over his shoulder.

“I won’t be a willing sacrifice to your treasure gods.”

“Avera, do you remember anything that happened?” Vicky asked, checking the immobile girl a second time.

“You stole my memories, why should I?”

Kyle laughed.

“This isn’t funny,” she yelled at him. “She destroyed an entire wing. The fires keep getting put out.”

“That sounds like me,” Avera agreed.

“That was noon! You were on a rampage for hours! And then you vanished! It’s 4 am. We’ve been looking for you since 11 pm!”

“It was worth it,” Kyle said.

“No it wasn’t!”

Avera’s headache had increased ten fold and she felt incredibly heavy. “Do you worst,” she muttered out.

Vicky checked Avera’s pupils. They responded quickly. “Extreme paranoia, heightened weaving, delusions and hallucinations, inability to feel pain and I don’t even know what else. But it looks like she’s finally crashing.”

“What happened yes…,” Avera found her mouth stopped working, everything looked hazy.

“You drank half a bottle of Moon shot that was incorrectly labeled and packaged, that’s what happened yesterday. Crystal knows why.”

“Ohhh….” Avera closed her eyes and passed back out.

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