A to Z Challenge 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017

Welcome to my mad dash of hastily written and lightly edited stories for this year’s A to Z Challenge. Had I not procrastinated until the last minute, I probably could have made them cohesive, but I did not. So don’t try to expect full cohesion from story to story or… even in the correct order. Details will collide. Just repeat to yourself it’s just a story and you should really just relax.

All the stories center around three employees who work MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market.

What could possible go wrong?

A is for Air Raid

B is for Basement

C is for Cake Shop

D is for Dinas the Destroyer

E is for Express Delivery

F is for Fire Alarm

G is for Graveyard Shift

H is for Helions

I is for Inquisitor

J is for Jack

K is for Kudzu Knights

L is for Lost Child

M is for Monster Truck

N is for Nautical Entrepreneur

O is for ‘Outreach’ Program

P is for Provocateur

Q is for Quantum Express

R is for Runabout Race

S is for Special Event

T is for Thunder Gate Arcade

U is for Underwater Cavern

V is for Volcano Vendor

W is for Welcome!

X is for Xylosma Invasion

Y is for Yesterday

Z is for Zombies