This the real reason to be setting up a blog on such short notice. I was going to have this set up earlier, but there simply was no time.

The theme I’m doing is about three employees who work in a mall. It’s rather boring stuff. I mean, it’s about a mall, how interesting could it possibly be?

I hope I’m doing this all right!


One thought on “#AtoZChallege2017

  1. You are.
    Except the hashtag is just #AtoZChallenge *no year added
    And if you put that hashtag in all your titles, and have your blog set to automatically post to Twitter, it’ll be easier to find.

    You also paste your hyperlink on the A to Z blog under the letter that matches your post. And, optional, paste it again on the AtoZ Facebook page post with the letter. That’s how they find you.

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