Mortal Cat

Mortal Cat

Vicky walked up to the pile of tires.

Laying on several slept Avera. She had curled herself up into a small ball, her arms wrapped around her bent legs. Drool leaked from her open mouth. Vicky took one step closer. Avera’s left eye snapped open and located Vicky.

“I always knew you were no mere mortal… but I had no idea that you were a cat,” Vicky said.

Avera uncurled herself, rolled up onto her knees and palms before arching her back and stretching each limb one at a time. After she was done, she swung her legs down over the edge of the tire pile and brought herself to a sitting position.

“Did you say something?” Avera yawned and stretched again.

Vicky bit her lip. “Nope.”

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