Weekly Report: Happy Canada Day!

Weekly Report: Happy Canada Day!

Right so, this post is just late. But I’m going through with it anyway. I’m combining the last two weeks into this post. Why? Because I did almost zero anything in the last two weeks. Between sleep deprivation due to antibiotics and antibiotics and being sick, I got nothing accomplished. I didn’t get up early, I didn’t even make food for myself (it was an expensive week of eating out, strangely I usually didn’t get sick more after eating prepared food for me, I was okay with this expenditure). I didn’t do anything in the evenings as far as I can recall. So yeah. Two weeks gone and I’ve got almost nothing to show for it.

That isn’t to mean I didn’t try, I can log one day for editing for about an hour. So it wasn’t a total flop of two weeks! Huzzah! Now I’m hopefully into a recovery mode so everything will get much better, right? Either way, I need to get back on track to finish editing stories. Here we go.

This weekend was Canada Day. And it was the 150th anniversary of Canada, so it was a big to do. I did not do very much myself. I did walk around some of the festivities downtown, but I wanted to be rested for the fireworks in the evening. That was an ordeal just because of where I wanted to be and take pictures and holy crap the crowds. The crowds everywhere!
Don’t get me wrong, I am used to crowds – con crowds, crowds that know how to move and be aware of everyone else around them. This was mob crowd, a very different beast. One I don’t really like maneuvering through. But I think I got some good photos out of the whole thing.

Now back to writing related.

The other week I had asked a friend if he would be interested in helping out with a book cover design, I said there was no rush, I was looking at the end of October/ beginning of November to finish this all up. He pointed out that was only four months away.

Four Months?! When did this happen?! Where did the first half of the year go already?! I am not ready for this! I have so much work to do! I would panic more, but I am actually to tired to care right now. But I will! And there is suddenly so much to do and here I am writing this post!

This this turned into a mid-week / two week wrap-up here’s June and May’s stats. I didn’t start tracking time until near the end of May so it’s a bit skewed…. But not by much.

June Wrap-up:

  • ‘Other’ Words: 1,313
  • Editing Words: 935
  • Total time: 5 hours; 10 minutes.

May Wrap-up:

  • ‘Other’ Words: 641
  • Editing Words: 238 (-40)
  • Total time: 3 hours; 15 minutes




  • E-publish MacSweeny’s Short stories before November.
  • Get back on Track with Weavers, Book 1.

MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market: Short Stories of Employee Mayhem.

(it’s a working title)

  • 4 / 26 edited
  • 1/26 reviewed
  • 0/26 final
  • 0 in progress

Word Log:

  • Story: 0
  • Shorts: 0
  • Other: 0
  • Editing: 0
  • Time: 0


2 thoughts on “Weekly Report: Happy Canada Day!

  1. Updates are updates and life is real and so it goes.

    That’s a spectacular fireworks photo. Did you take it? Loves.

    I hope your health improves speedily. This thing was not supposed to come back. I told it not to. I will swear at it off-screen so it gets the hint this time.


    1. Yep, I took the picture. Last year I went to watch the fireworks, this year I went to take pictures of them.

      So far, my health appears to be back on the mend. Still gotta wait and see though.

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