Monthly Report – September 2017

Monthly Report – September 2017

It’s about time I got to Septembers Monthy Report. I wrote this three weeks ago now! I’ve literally had no time to deal with anything writing related after I finished the short stories. But here is Septembers Report.

September has been my best month so far this year. By a lot. I dedicated to putting the hours in and it shows. It’s unfortunate that time passes so quickly when busy. I need one of those time bubble machines. Where you enter it and you get like another 24 hours in the span of an hour, and then you come out, and everything is all normal. That would really screw with your sleep though. Imagine that, getting an extra 8 – 10 hours of sleep and then you come out of the bubble in the evening, only it’s time to go back to sleep, or it looks like you no longer sleep. But would you age that extra day? Would you still celebrate your birthday on the same day? No, my birthday is now two months earlier, some would say, that would be crazy.

I worked through most of the rest of the short stories this month:

Finished Provocateur

Quantum Express

Runabout Race

Special Event

Thunder Gate Arcade

Underwater Cavern

Volcano Vendor


That’s about 10,400 words to edit. That seems pretty good to me. It leaves me with only three shorts to finish in October, which according to this month, I should finish up in a week! (ahahahaha). So I am totally on track to getting these all done before November.

My subscription to Grammarly has proved to be immensely helpful in finishing the editing process. Before, even after I had completed my edit tasks, I still felt that I would need to go over the stories yet again which proved to be a daunting mountain to climb yet again after I finished the first rounds of edits. But now it feels that I am actually making progress instead of only, halfway done yet.

I feel my current workflow has been helping as well. Which has been to print out a short, then edit it on paper before going back to the computer. Wait a day or two, and then in the process of transferring those edits back to my computer, the story gets edited a second time from the first round of edits. Then I run the story through Grammarly and then I feel I’m pretty finished with it at that point. I could probably use a copy editor or another pass with different eyeballs, but in the effort of getting these done, that has not happened. I still may give them to friends to see what they catch so that I can know for next time.

For now, that workflow is working for me. I am making progress, and I feel pretty good about it overall. The only thing that could interrupt it now is if I had to move! Haha!

This month saw:

1311 ‘other’ words written. (+220% from August)

2204 ‘edit’ words written (total of 10,385 total words edited) (620% from August)

29 hours and 6 minutes spent (+363% from August)

I feel that’s pretty darn good and it’s by far my best month, beating out July as the previous top month. It’s weird how that is still less than a solid work week, but still, a lot of extra hours to devote. Till next month!


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