Weekly Report: Web Comics and Writing

Weekly Report: Web Comics and Writing

I’m going to attempt weekly reports about how my week has gone with writing. My friend Nicki does this, though she also does dailies. I’ll start at weekly and see how it goes from there. I also feel if I keep track of what I do *somehow* I may see some actual progress because, hey I gotta get better then the previous week. At the moment, I don’t write/edit enough to warrant a daily report. So weeklies it is.

Since is my first entry for this, I’ll back track a little to catch first few months of the year.

January saw about 10k words written.

In February and March, I began working on entries for the A-Z challenge. I don’t have full breakdowns for these months since I hadn’t really been keeping track. So I’ll lump them into April.

April saw quite a bit of activity for the A-Z Challenge and kicked my butt into gear to actually write again. April gained about 26,000 words. Two of the shorts were written in previous years that I could stick into them. The grand total of words for the A-Z Challenge was about 28,731 words. I must say ‘about’ at this point because I’m still working in that scrivener document and the stories are in the process of getting edited now. So the word count is slightly different then the official word count posted online right now.

*whew* We’re getting caught up now. So now I have 26 short stories that need to be edited into shape. On to May!

From May 1 – 21, there was 641 ‘other’ words written. Other could be blog posts. There were also -24 edited words. I was working on ‘Air Raid’


Now we’re caught up.

On the previous Saturday, I had gone to VanCaf. I met several web comic artists that I’ve known for a long time but never met before:

Der-Shing Helmer – ‘The Meek’ (warning: one of the main characters runs about naked for a while)

Tyson Hesse – ‘Diesel: Ignition‘ He also did Boxer Hockey, but I can’t find any web presence for Diesel in a minute of searching.

Nicole Chartrand – ‘Fey Winds

I bought Diesel and Fey Winds and The Meek’s book came a week prior through Kickstarter.

I put thought into which of my many drafts I could possibly try to write out in comic-book style. I decided on 2049 to give it a whirl. It doesn’t fit in Sari’s universe and would be interesting to see how writing a script would go. I’ll need to put a bit more research into that before I get started on that.

So this week, I put some more effort into writing and editing.

I wrote 0 novel words this week.

I edited 222 words. But that statistic basically tells you nothing. I mean, there’s negative words in that count. Just like the previous week. I feel editing could be better served by how many minutes I spent editing and how far along I got. Which is why I kept track of minutes. In reality, I spent about 3 hours and 15 minutes editing this week. I finished editing ‘Air Raid’ and ‘Basement’. Both are under the ‘In Review’ Column before ‘Final Draft’ and ‘Completed’.

There was also 595 other words written for the week. Mainly in this report.

I am hoping to get faster at editing, two weeks for two short stories is a long time. Though I don’t think I’m going to get that much faster – Some of these stories were written so fast and not given any thought they may need a heavy handed overhaul to them. I guess I’ll see as I get to them.

I think that wraps everything up for my first weekly report.

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  1. Weekly reports are fun. And when editing, consider tracking time if words get you into negatives (with the removal of large chunks). I look forward to reading more! 😀

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