Weekly Report: Factorio and Health

Weekly Report: Factorio and Health

Due to some health shenanigans, that screwed up my sleep and pretty much everything else, I was unable to do much of anything this week. Instead of getting up early like I normally do – 6 am, I got up at 8 am and ran around getting ready for work every morning. Then after work, came home and did nothing productive for the entire evening. What came out of all of this is, that yes, I actually really do need a vacation and I can no longer power through the rest of the year without one, like originally planned. I got some editing done here on Sunday morning, when I got out to the writing group. But still, not a very good week for writing at all. I’m hoping that here in June I can get on track to finish editing these short stories and get back to my main story.

I have to wonder if there is a better way to bring over text from Scrivener into WordPress. I have to redo all the formatting and line breaks once I’m in WordPress which does take a while. It’s probably some weird thing like taking all the text and putting it into Word and then bringing it over.

Mostly my evenings were spent playing Factorio. Don’t play this game. Seriously, just don’t. The game is only in alpha/beta and green-light on Steam, but it’s more complete then any other alpha game I have ever played. And to play one map of the game you are looking at anywhere between 2 and 200 hundred hours of game time. (2 if you are really, really, really good). For being a not finished game, that’s insane. And while most alpha games could be pretty buggy, I have rarely ever run into a game crashing/stopping bug. Yeah, don’t play this game. You’ve been warned.

I feel a lot better this week and calmer so here’s looking to a more productive week. In other news, I have a vacation coming up. Lets set some goals for the summer!


  • E-publish MacSweeny’s Short stories before November.
  • Get back on Track with Weavers, Book 1.

MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market: Short Stories of Employee Mayhem.

(it’s a working title)

  • 2 / 26 edited
  • 1/26 reviewed
  • 0/26 final
  • 1 in progress

Word Log:

  • Story: 0
  • Shorts: 0
  • Other: 0
  • Editing: 329
  • Time: 1 hour

4 thoughts on “Weekly Report: Factorio and Health

  1. I don’t know why, but I love these review entries. I’m sorry to hear you were sick, and I hope you’re feeling better soon (and that you get the vacation you need).

    You know that “warning” reads more like a, “You’re going to love this, you’d better get it now,” kind of review, right?

      1. Facetiously, or actually don’t know?

        Don’t play this game! (But really, play the game. It’s awesome.)

        Actually, I mentioned it on FB and already someone was like, “What game, and where can I get it?” And put it in their playlist. So there. 😛

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