Weekly Report: Slow Going

Weekly Report: Slow Going

The last week has been slow. I didn’t go out like I had planned to. (It’s hard to write in an apartment that is constantly stuffy.) I’m beginning to get my mornings back, so hopefully I will be able to get to writing before work again. That seemed to work out pretty well previously. Right up until I got sick for two months. So this time, in order to get up early, means I should not forgo sleep and actually go to bed earlier. That is a hard mode challenge right there.

The next problem to be identified in my workflow is that after being at work for 9 hours, staring at computer monitors, I really don’t want to come home and stare at more computer monitors. But I need to stare at more computer monitors so I can keep writing. To help combat this, I’ve ordered a printer. I’ve been sans printer for over a year and have had no way to print out drafts and edit them without the aid of a computer. I’m hoping this opens up some more opportunities to work on stuff when I find small tid-bits of time… like when I’m sitting on the beach watching a sunset, sipping water out of a used water bottle, listening to the never ending concussion of drums because it’s Drum Night on the beach and it’s a wild rave party. I’m just trying to relax here! Be Quiet!

This week I completed editing ‘Jack’. I was hoping to have at least two done this week. But progress is progress. Even if it’s slow progress.

I should also start adding more pages to this website. Like an About, Short Stories, current work… and I don’t know what else. I should look at other author blogs. And then steal from them.

August is going to be very busy for me, so that will cut down doing anything on the weekends. But I will also have nearly two days on a train coming up to maybe do a lot of writing. Or staring out a window or doing nothing. It’s hard to tell. Until next week!


  • E-publish MacSweeny’s Short stories before November.
  • Get back on Track with Weavers, Book 1.

MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market: Short Stories of Employee Mayhem.

(it’s a working title)

  • 10 / 26 edited
  • 1/26 reviewed
  • 0/26 final
  • 2 in progress

Word Log:

  • Story: 0
  • Shorts: 0
  • Other: 357
  • Editing: 91 + (-32)
  • Time: 2.3 hours

By posting this goal section every week, I hope it keeps me motivated to keep going. Or at least show me progress.

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