Monthy Report – July 2017

Monthy Report – July 2017

I was going to write this at the end of July…. Two weeks ago… But a lot has happened here in the first two weeks of August… But that’s August’s problem!

July was a pretty good month for writing. At least compared to the previous couple of months. I managed to get some time in most weeks for the month. I’m pretty happy overall with the progress that was made. It obviously could have been better, but gotta start somewhere. Again… and again… and again.

I did not write any new words or work on anything new this month. It was entirely editing for my short stories. I feel like I should be further along on those. I wrote most of them over the course of a month and it’s been taking me months now to get back through them. And my self-imposed deadline is rapidly coming up on me.

There have been no six am wake-ups this month, unlike in April and May. I rather enjoyed that morning time a lot. But after being sick for nearly two months, I’ve got a self-imposed, I must get at least seven hours of sleep now. I think only six hours of sleep in a night helped contribute to getting sick. Now, a normal person would plan to go to bed earlier than midnight so that they could get the seven hours of sleep and still get up at six. I’m finding myself way too busy to do that. The goal every night is to get to bed by 11, but it never happens. There is simply too much that needs to be done. And that’s its own problem and that needs to get addressed… somehow. I’m too busy to figure that out. I’m not even sure how I’m that busy. Or I’m projecting August onto July now.

The apartment grew hotter over the month as the temperatures have increased here in Vancouver. Which a lot of people are not used to – 80 and above and people feel like they are melting. But my apartment just begins to bake. It’s got zero airflow and the building can absorb a lot of radiant heat. Then I don’t want to be in it. Even with my fans cranked at max. August isn’t looking to be much better, actually.

Now for some stats:

  • Other written words (like blog posts): 1060 (-19% from June)
  • Editing Words: 2018 (+116% from June)
  • Total Time Spent: 6 hours and 20 minutes. (+100% from June)

Well… that sounds pathetic when I look at it like that! Only six hours? That’s barely an hour a week at that rate! Well, that’s rather disappointing.

At least now that I have a few months of stats now… I could start making graphs. I should have been in bed 40 minutes ago.

One thought on “Monthy Report – July 2017

  1. Mmm…graphs.

    I hope it wasn’t the 6 hours of sleep that helped make you sick. 🙁 But I’m glad that you’re getting enough now, even if that means you’re not waking when you want. Our bodies sure like to let us know what’s what. :\

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