Monthly Report – August 2017

Monthly Report – August 2017

As expected, August turned out to be crazy busy. I was gone every weekend and the weekdays were stupid. Unfortunately, my goal of getting more writing done did not come to fruition. I did get some editing done, but as it was during travel or other places where I did not have my laptop, that was done on paper. While editing on paper is nice, that means I have to go and get it back into the computer at some point, which was not done in August.

I bought a year subscription to Grammarly. I was emailed a coupon for 55% off for a year, so I took it. That was $62.98 spent on writing.

Here’s what I did edit:

  • Monster Mash
  • Nautical Entrepreneur
  • Outreach Program
  • Most of Provocateur

What did happen in the month? There was a convention, a solar eclipse, and two mountains that needed to be edited on. The second mountain was to do a thing called Peak to Peak. I attempted Peak to Peak last year. But that is its own adventure story. It involved a mountain peak, a thunderstorm, freezing rain, gale-force winds and a whole lot of running. We had two weeks of no skies due to smoke, so being outside was not so great.

It was also hot this month. 90F + some days, which I’m told by literally everyone who mentions the weather, that this is abnormal. My fans have been able to keep up over night, but during the day and evenings, it’s been too hot.

So yeah, not too much to write about on actual writing or editing. The stats for this month can back this claim up. I’ve now only got two months to finish all the short stories and start plotting for November. Oh dear, I hope I can get this all done as I hope.

  • Other Words: 410 (-61% from July)
  • Editing Words: 306 (-85% from July)
  • Total Time: 6 hours and 17 minutes (-39% from July)

And a graph! I’m on top of things!

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