Weekly Report: Making Progress!

Weekly Report: Making Progress!

Woohoo! This week has been productive! I made the effort! I also had the time. I even managed to get to bed mostly on time and get up reasonably early. I hope I can keep the momentum going.

I’m also making good use of Grammarly now. After going through this program, I feel like it’s got at least one set of extra eyes and gives me the second final pass over each story that I’ve been needing to do on the complete ones. I still think I want at one final round of actual beta readers on them, but I may not get the chance as the goal is to have all these shorts done before November. And I’m running out of time for that.

So what did I accomplish this week?

I got through Nautical Entrepreneur, Outreach Program and Provocateur fully edited. I have started running the previously revised shorts through Grammarly so that also includes Helions, Air Raid and Cake Stop.

Also the amount of time spent this past week is already more the total of August.

I’m pretty happy. I hope I can keep the momentum. This is only one week.



  • E-publish MacSweeny’s Short stories before November.
  • Get back on Track with Weavers, Book 1.
  • Fix this blog up something nice. I have no idea what yet.

MacSweeny’s Maniacal Material Market: Short Stories of Employee Mayhem.

  • 16 / 26 edited
  • 1/26 reviewed
  • 7/26 final
  • Next week’s goal: Quantum Express, Runabout Race, Special Event

Word Log:

  • Story: 0
  • Shorts: 0
  • Other: 520
  • Editing: 576
  • Time: 8 hours, 16 minutes

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